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Why Most People Trust Ali Abbas Coaching

You’ve learned the business side, now learn why Ali Abbas does what he does and where his journey start.

Ali Abbas is ten years in the Real Estate Industry. He started his humble beginnings with a family-owned construction business. Ali Abbas has solid real estate professional expertise and skills in Team Building, Operations Management, Sales, Coaching, Public Speaking, and Marketing, and he is a loving husband and an amazing father to his beautiful children.

Ali continues to master his craft by joining EXP Reality in 2019. From an average realtor to a Team Leader! He is always searching for new ideas and solutions to help his agents succeed and reach their full potential. He recently received the "Top eXp Influencer Award, Top 1% of 50.000+ eXp Realtors Worldwide, Delta Group Q1 2021."

Ali Abbas Performance Services

Ali Abbas will assist sales professionals with the best method and knowledge in the real estate industry.

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Ali Abbas Journey

Ali Abbas grew up in the Middle East, from Lebanon, born in 1982 in the middle of a war. His country suffered a brutal civil war where families experienced financial ruin due to inflation, car bombings, and others. In 1989 my family got a stroke of good fortune and were accepted to come to Canada on a Visa lottery.

Starting from humble beginnings in Ottawa has helped him develop deep gratitude for the opportunities and blessings.

Experiencing extreme poverty most of his childhood in ghetto slums has been critical in developing his core skillsets of compassion, vision, and drive. Since he was a child, his passion was making a positive impact on those around him whom he cherished and appreciated. He has a strong passion for technology and a big vision of making a difference in thousands of lives so he can pay it forward to impact those around him towards positive growth.

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