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Hintonburg is a great neighbourhood to live in. It’s close to downtown, has excellent amenities, and is well-connected by transit. But what else can Hintonburg offer?

Affordable housing:

Affordable housing is a common theme in the Hintonburg neighbourhood. The area has been home to many low-income earners for years, and it continues to do so today. However, with affordable rents within walking distance of downtown and green spaces, this neighbourhood offers more than just affordability; it provides opportunities for growth and improvement.

Arts and Culture

Hintonburg is home to a burgeoning art scene. From the Hintonburg Art Walk to galleries such as Art Metropole, the area has become a hub for creatives in Ottawa.

The neighbourhood’s affordable rents and proximity to downtown have drawn artists and galleries. It’s also close to the Experimental Farm, where artists can find inspiration in its natural beauty.

The Hintonburg Arts Council organizes events throughout the year. Such as the annual Hintonburg Art Crawls and an annual open studio event that takes place from May through October on select evenings of each week so you can get up close with artists at work in their studios.


If you’re commuting to Hintonburg from downtown, you can take the bus or bike. Buses are available every few minutes and will bring you directly to the neighbourhood via Wellington Street. However, if biking is more your thing, dedicated bike lanes are provided along and near the Rideau Canal for cyclists of all skill levels. There’s also ample parking in Hintonburg if driving is your preferred method of transportation—and even if it isn’t! The neighbourhood has over 1,100 street parking spots on average daily (which drops to around 500 on weekends).

Traffic congestion can be an issue in any major city. However, with its central location between two main highways (including Highway 417), public transit has been a priority for local authorities since Hintonburg was first founded in 1894—making it one of Canada’s earliest planned communities based after Confederation.

Community involvement

Community involvement is essential for all community members’ health, safety and well-being. In addition, it helps build a sense of belonging, identity, pride and trust.

The Hintonburg Community Association (HCA) works to bring residents together in ways that are meaningful to them. We help people come together through events and activities that encourage interaction and build connections between neighbours who may not have yet met or know each other. In addition, it can help create a sense of community among neighbours who may feel isolated or disconnected.

Community engagement also helps us identify local needs and opportunities for improvement within our communities: what do people need? What do they want? How can we make the neighbourhood better for all?

Hintonburg can offer a lot of things for people to enjoy.

Hintonburg is a great place to live, work and play. The neighbourhood offers a variety of housing options for families, singles or couples. There are many restaurants and shops in the area, so you can go out for dinner or buy groceries on your way home from work. It’s also close to parks where you can spend time with friends on weekends.

Hintonburg is a great neighbourhood to live in and offers many things for its residents to enjoy. The area has been revitalized over the years, with new businesses, restaurants, and apartments popping up everywhere. There are also plenty of green spaces within walking distance from your home, so you can take advantage of nature whenever possible. Hintonburg also has some of Ottawa’s best outdoor markets throughout the summer months and various festivals that offer something different every time!


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